Wellness Program

The Center for Diabetes Management is staffed with quality Federally-Registered Dietitians and Texas-Licensed Nutritionists. Our team is devoted to provide an excellent wellness program catered to your needs.

The typical busy American faces great challenges when it comes to good health. We empower you with the knowledge to achieve a healthy lifestyle with nutrition counseling, realistic exercise goals, and behavior change strategies. We provide individual and group sessions based on your needs and encourage a non-diet approach to weight management. We also offer counseling for bariatric surgery, eating disorders, cholesterol management and all other medical nutrition therapy consultations.

The Wellness Program includes these services:

Nutrition Assessment

Everyone can benefit from nutrition coaching. The nutrition assessment entails a thorough interview including:
  • food record analysis
  • weight history
  • eating and exercise habit evaluation
  • lifestyle patterns
  • medical history and lab review
  • food preferences
  • medications and dietary supplements
  • energy requirement estimation
  • individual meal planning
  • stage of readiness
  • realistic goal setting

This consultation is tailored to your nutrition needs and will help you identify past and present behaviors and habits that are inhibiting your success.

Weight Management

Food choices and physical activity have a major impact on weight management. Learn how to manage your own meal plan, eat healthy and stay motivated to exercise regularly. Other topics covered include mindful eating, stress-eating triggers, how to make your home a health-promoting environment, grocery shopping, restaurant dining and cooking light. We will also advise you on how to enjoy your food and still eat healthy using delicious recipes.

Stress Eating Behaviors

Almost everyone experiences stress at some level daily and may even eat for comfort. Stress causes physiological changes in the body that may lead to an increase in blood sugar, hormonal activity and weight gain. We help you in identifying triggers for binge eating or other stress-related eating behaviors so you can get back in touch with true hunger cues to achieve an optimal metabolic fat-burning rate.

Health and wellness are within your reach. Visit one of our Registered Dietitians today!

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