Diabetes Self Management Training (D.S.M.T.)

Our state-of-the-art DSMT program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association as meeting the national standards of diabetes self management education.

The endocrinologist and clinical team at CDM provide comprehensive diabetes management and treatment to patients with Diabetes Mellitus both Type 1 and 2.

Living with diabetes can be a daily juggle of understanding how medication, food, activity, and stress affect diabetes and blood glucose levels. We believe building your knowledge about diabetes will help you better manage it, and get it under control.

Center for Diabetes Management (C.D.M.) provides:
  • Individual training sessions : a personalized unique program tailored to your needs
  • Interactive group sessions : we call it ‘Diabetes Conversation Map’ Our Registered Dietitians or Certified Diabetes Educator will complete a thorough consultation and assessment on your first visit and design a diabetes management plan to fit your needs.

In the following consecutive sessions, we will cover these topics:
  • Diabetes Overview: Our highly trained diabetes educators will help you understand diabetes so that you can be more successful in managing it.

  • Nutrition : It can be challenging with today’s fast-paced world to eat right and can be overwhelming to know how to eat. At CDM, you will learn about carbohydrate counting, healthy food choices, how to balance your meals, and when and how much to eat.

  • Exercise : Research consistently shows that regular exercise combined with healthy eating habits is helpful to manage your diabetes. Our team will help you determine a basic exercise routine that fits your needs.

  • Lifestyle: Diabetes does not have to tie you down! You will learn how to work with your diabetes no matter what your profession or lifestyle. Our team is here to help develop a personalized plan based on your unique needs.

  • Monitoring: We use advanced technologies (i.e. continuous blood glucose monitoring, ketone testing, hemoglobin A1C, lipid profile, and other tests.) to monitor your diabetes in order to get it under control and to prevent complications.

  • Medication: Our certified diabetes educator will work closely with our board certified endocrinologist to achieve desired therapeutic outcomes and medication action plans. We offer insulin pumps that can increase your freedom by routinely monitoring your blood sugar and administering insulin when needed, without injections.

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